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Weekly publication issued in Bucharest from 1890 to 1916, and again from 1919 to 1940. The longest-enduring Jewish periodical in Romania, Egalitatea (Equality) started out as an emancipationist newspaper, “dedicated exclusively to Israelite interests within the country,” as was stated in its platform article. Over the extensive era in which it was issued, Egalitatea analyzed the political, cultural, social, and economic situations of Romanian Jews, as had its predecessor and model publication, Fraternitatea (Fraternity).

Egalitatea was controlled by two brothers, Moses and Elias Schwarzfeld; the latter served as editor in chief until 1915. Elias Schwarzfeld printed extensive articles on the history and cultural evolution of Jewish communities in Romania. He also published several studies on political and social issues affecting the status of the country’s Jews. After 1935, Moses Schwarzfeld effectively edited Egalitatea alone, and wrote regular columns titled “Cronica săptămânei” (Weekly Chronicle), “Din străinătate” (From Abroad), “Impresii” (Impressions), “Revista internă” (Domestic Review), “D-ale comunităților” (From the Communities), “În largul lumii” (Throughout the World), and “Din Erez Israel” (From the Land of Israel). He signed his political editorials with the pseudonyms Ploeşteanu and Ben Bril, or with just the initials M. S. His other contributions reflected his interest in Jewish folklore and Jewish history.

Egalitatea reflected the main political and social orientations of Romanian Jews. While it defended Zionism, it also supported integrationist organizations such as Uniunea Evreilor Pământeni (Union of Native Jews), later called Uniunea Evreilor Români (Union of Romanian Jews). Among its contributors were Iacob Isac Niemirower, Avram Steuerman-Rodion, Leon Feraru, S. Lazar (Lascăr Şaraga), and Isac Peltz.

Suggested Reading

S. Podoleanu, Istoria presei evreieşti din România (Bucharest, 1938), pp. 108–117; Georgeta Răduică and Nicolin Răduică, eds., “Egalitatea” in Dicționarul presei româneşti, p. 179 (Bucharest, 1995).



Translated from Romanian by Anca Mircea