Jewish and non-Jewish members of the civilian militia organized during the German occupation during World War I, in the marketplace, Swislocz (Yid., Sislevich; now Svislach, Bel.), 1915. (Left to right) Alter Geler, Menakhem Finkelshteyn, the German captain of the militia, Velvl Goldshteyn, Avrom Faynsilber, and Matebush, a non-Jew. (YIVO)

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Relations between Jews and Non-Jews

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To treat the subject of the interaction between Jews and the majority populations of the areas of Eastern Europe in which they lived, this entry includes two articles. The first provides a historical overview, analyzing interaction at the community and personal level as well as the relationship between Jews and government authorities. The second article explores the image of non-Jews portrayed in works of Jewish literature. See also Antisemitic Parties and Movements; Assimilation; and Righteous Gentiles.