The students, faculty, and building of the ‘Ets Ḥayim Yeshiva, Kleck, Poland (now Kletsk, Bel.), 1938. Photograph by Kurnos. (YIVO)

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This entry is divided into two articles, one treating the yeshiva in the period before 1800 and the other covering the following two centuries. The first article focuses on Poland, the location of the most significant yeshivas in the early period. For the period following 1800, in addition to the survey article here, see the entries on the individual Lithuanian yeshivas (for example, Ponevezh, Yeshiva of). For examples from other regions, see Bratislava and Sofer Family. For further discussion of religious education, see Bet Ha-Midrash; Heder; Kloyz; and Talmud Study.