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According to local tradition, the Jews of Chełm (Yid., Khelem) were granted their first privilege by King Władisław Jagiełło, though tombstones once thought to be from the fifteenth century are now

ARTICLE: Wise Men of Chelm

In East European Jewish folklore, the city of Chelm (Pol., ”Chełm; Yid., Khelem) functions as an imaginary city of fools, similar to that of the Greek Abdera, the English Gotham, and the German Schilda


Jewish and non-Jewish students from the state gymnasium, Chełm, 1934.


Unidentified man standing next to an ark in a synagogue built in 1910 by a well-known bricklayer, Nisn Trager, Chełm, Poland, ca. 1920s.


Gzeyres takh vetat. Jewish communities affected, 1648–1649.


Congress Poland.


The Polish Republic in the Interwar Period, ca. 1930s.


The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Partitions of Poland. Boundaries shown are ca. 1795.


The An-Ski Expeditions; locations visited 1912–1914. Boundaries shown are ca. 1914.


Jewish councils of Crown Poland, eighteenth century. Detail.


Sara Berland and her daughter, Felicja, from Chełm, visiting Krynica, a town in Poland famous for its spa, 1920s. It was traditional for visitors to a spa to carry around their own cups, which they

ARTICLE: Khelm, Shelomoh ben Mosheh

, he was elected to the position of rabbi of Chełm (Yid., Khelm or Khelem) and its nine satellite communities. After 27 years as rabbi of Chełm, Shelomoh was invited to serve as town rabbi of Zamość

ARTICLE: Kipnis, Menakhem

His Khelemer mayses (Chelm Stories; 1930)—which were gleaned from Jews in New York, 2002), includes an English-language excerpt from Chelm Stories on pp. 600–607; Zalmen Zylbercweig (Zilbertsvayg), ed


in Hrubieszów, Bełz, Włodzimierz Wołyński, Litowyż, Przemyśl, Chełm, Lubaczów, Sanok, Lublin, and Podolia. Jews and Christians in Lwów, Łuck, and Chełm, and consigning his sons to her care

ARTICLE: Humor: Oral Tradition

of such cleverness is found the town of Chelm (Yid., Khelem; Pol., Chełm), a real place that folklore turned into a The typical Chelm story is characterized by the relentless misapplication of the type of logic found in the Talmud and rabbinic literature; the inevitably faulty premise or flaw in the chain of reasoning—as, for instance, when the Sages of Chelm decide that the moon is more important than

ARTICLE: Yitsḥak ben Shemu’el ha-Levi

After a period of time in Lwów, Yitsḥak ben Shemu’el served as rabbi of Chełm for an unknown number of years and was appointed rector of the yeshiva in Poznań in 1627. His responsa were published in

ARTICLE: Szymel, Maurycy

folkloric themes, as evidenced by his cycle Noce biblijne (Biblical Nights; 1931) and in poems inspired by stories and legends about the “fools of Chełm,” the Messiah, and the prophet Elijah

ARTICLE: Drobner, Bolesław

He returned to Poland with the Soviet-sponsored Polish Committee of National Liberation, which was created in Chełm in July 1944, and which was, in effect, a provisional government. In this body, he

ARTICLE: Feder, Tuviah

Born in Przedbórz (in the Kraków district), Tuviah Feder wandered from Piotrków Trybunalski where his father-in-law lived, to Chełm, Kempen, Wołodarka, Berdichev, and finally to Brody and Tarnopol. (

ARTICLE: Shemu’el Eli‘ezer ben Yehudah ha-Levi Edels

his mother-in-law’s death in 1605, Edels served as rabbi in several important communities: first in Chełm (according to some sources, he served in Tiktin [Tykocin] as well), then in Lublin (as of

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