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An appeal to Jews to vote for the Bund in parliamentary elections, and thereby strike a blow against other parties and elements depicted as enemies of the workers. Printed by T-wo Technograf.

DOCUMENT: Letter from Israel Joshua Singer to Abraham Cahan, 1931

He can't understand why the Forverts didn't, for example, print his report about the imminent strike of 2,000 tailors in Warsaw, or about the "attack on the Medem Sanatorium." He wonders if all his

ARTICLE: Telz, Yeshiva of

Ultimately, a student strike in 1897 led to the closure of the yeshiva for months. The revolutionary spirit of the time was no doubt a factor in this reaction, as was the spirited character of the

ARTICLE: Moment, Der

, an official receiver (another Revisionist) was appointed for the paper, and working relations reached an all-time low, culminating in a strike by the editor Pryłucki and the senior journalists

ARTICLE: Sol’ts, Aron Aleksandrovich

In 1938, he was retired, went on a hunger strike to protest injustices, and was confined to a psychiatric hospital for two months. He was released from a subsequent job as an archivist in the Museum

ARTICLE: Aizman, David Iakovlevich

partly [Vsevolod] Garshin, we have not had a verbal artist who would know how to ‘strike the hearts with an unprecedented force’ more poignantly, consistently and effectively than David Aizman” (A

ARTICLE: Russian Revolution of 1905

Workers in many regions went out on strike; students at universities and high schools refused to attend classes; disorders erupted in the borderlands where minority populations resented the heavy


The paper tried to strike a balance between belletristic literature and political commentary. The literary historian Zalmen Reyzen stated: “Der yud created an era,” citing the way the

ARTICLE: Brodskii, Isaak Izrailevich

In 1905, he took part in the student strike at the Academy of Arts, and in 1907 he drew political caricatures for a number of opposition satirical journals. The events of the first Russian revolution

ARTICLE: Zsolt, Béla

Following the pattern of his contemporaries, Zsolt wrote an autobiographical study of his more immediate surroundings, the Jewish bourgeoisie of a small town (Villamcsapás [Lightning Strike; 1937]). (

ARTICLE: Kun, Béla

After serving six months in jail for writing and distributing a strike leaflet, he was elected to the Transylvanian party committee in 1908 and at the same time was given a job at the Workers Health

ARTICLE: Radek, Karl

The uprising in Hamburg had been intended to ignite a strike throughout the country and a subsequent proletarian revolution; when it failed, Radek’s position in the Comintern was undermined. He soon

ARTICLE: Alter, Wiktor

He and other students at his Warsaw gymnasium organized a students’ strike to protest the fact that studies were conducted in Russian rather than Polish. Alter studied engineering in Belgium

ARTICLE: Gozhansky, Shmul

Gozhansky participated in revolutionary activities as a young man and in 1889 helped to organize the tailors’ strike in Vilna. In the 1890s, he was a Russified intellectual who led the revolutionary

ARTICLE: Vinaver, Maksim Moiseevich

The latter association eventually organized the general strike that forced Tsar Nicholas II to issue the October Manifesto in 1905. Vinaver took part in elections to the Duma and was elected as

ARTICLE: Białystok

In 1882, 70 weavers abandoned their looms in one textile factory and demanded increased wages, an act considered the first major strike in Russian Jewish society. Its success prompted other workers

ARTICLE: Charity

Thus, for example, when the butchers of Vilna began a tax strike in 1823 and the communal welfare system faced the threat of collapse, the wardens did not hesitate to turn to non-Jewish authorities

ARTICLE: Sabbath Rest

For generations, Jewish religious law and its traditional spokesmen tried to strike the proper balance between religious mandates to observe the Sabbath and individual needs to maintain both personal

ARTICLE: Toys and Games

were not successfully returned, the first player would then strike the peg wherever it happened to fall. that the winner would have the right to strike the peg even when it was being returned to

ARTICLE: Lilienblum, Mosheh Leib

On 5 May and on 7 May pogroms did strike in Odessa, and he wrote of the experience of fear and helplessness in His pretext for proposing reform was the severe famine striking Lithuania at that time

138 results for Strike
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