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Ya‘akov Rabinowitz, Volkovysk, Russia (now in Belarus), ca. 1900. Photograph by Davidovitsh.

ARTICLE: Rachmilewitz, Naḥman

Naḥman Rachmilewitz (Nachmanas Rachmilevičius) was born in Volkovysk, close to Hrodna (now in Belarus). In 1896, he graduated from classical secondary school in Bensheim, south of Hessen, Germany,

ARTICLE: Barash, Efrayim

Born in Volkovysk, Efrayim Barash was an engineer who had studied in Germany. He was a member of the town council and Jewish community board, president of the Jewish Commerce Bank, and chair of the

ARTICLE: Rabinowitz, Ya‘akov

Ya‘akov Rabinowitz was born in Volkovysk, Russia (now Belarus). After receiving a traditional education at heder and a yeshiva, he studied secular topics and taught in Vitebsk. Before he began

ARTICLE: Eynhorn, Dovid

Dovid Eynhorn was born in Karelitsh and educated in Wołkowysk (now Volkovysk, Belarus) in part by his father Binyomin, a military physician who had “returned to the faith” and become a

ARTICLE: Baron, Devorah

She also spent time in Radoszkowicz, Marijampole (where she received a teaching diploma in 1907 from the Russian gymnasium for girls), Vilna, and Volkovysk. Beginning in 1908, Baron continued to work

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