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The Pale of Settlement, ca. 1855.


Pogroms. Sites of major pogroms, 1881–1884 and 1903–1906.


Russian Empire, ca. 1914.

ARTICLE: Friedberg, Avraham Shalom

Friedberg wandered from Brisk to Berdichev, Balta, and Kishinev. In the latter city, he worked as a watchmaker, studied Talmud, and began to investigate secular topics. It was in Kishinev that he

ARTICLE: Rădăuţi

who were kept in town, the rest of the Jewish population was displaced, at the cost of countless lives, to the camps and ghettos of Mogilev, Djurin, Odobowka, Bershad, and Balta, among others

ARTICLE: Ostropolyer, Hershele

Hershele is thought to have come from Balta, Ukraine, and his name is based on the small town of Ostropolye (Ostropol) in Poland, where he served the community as a shoḥet (ritual slaughterer). (

ARTICLE: Shapira Family

best-known disciples were Ya‘akov Shimshon of Shepetovka, Ze’ev Volf of Zhitomir, Binyamin Ze’ev of Balta, and in particular Refa’el of Berszad, who considered himself Pinḥas’s leading disciple and

ARTICLE: Pogroms

Pogroms returned to Ukraine in the spring of 1882, the most serious of which was in Balta, Podolia province, on 29 April (10 May) 1882. A greater willingness by the authorities to resort to deadly

8 results for balta