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Adam Czerniaków, meeting with a German officer in the offices of the Judenrat in the Warsaw ghetto, 1940–1941. Photograph by Hans-Joachim Gerke.


Passersby and an adult who has collapsed from hunger on the sidewalk outside the offices of TOZ (Society for Safeguarding the Health of the Jewish Population), Warsaw ghetto, ca. 1942.


The Warsaw Ghetto, ca. 1940.


and Bluma Wasser, surviving members of Oyneg Shabes, with a portion of the secret archive buried in tin containers for safekeeping and recovered soon after the war in the ruins of the Warsaw ghetto.


Cover of Yugnt shtime (Voice of the Youth), a mimeographed underground Yiddish newspaper put out by the Bund’s youth group Tsukunft, Warsaw ghetto, January–February 1941.


Jewish smugglers on top of the wall surrounding the Warsaw ghetto, 1941. by a Jew whom the Germans had granted a permit to have a camera in the ghetto to photograph corpses in the cemetery


Kiosk with posters, Warsaw ghetto, ca. 1942. Among the events and businesses being advertised are a Lag b’Omer event benefiting children (“Give a child a little joy!”) and a cafe located at 16 Sienna

DOCUMENT: Letter from Artur Eisenbach to Yoysef Opatoshu, 1947

From Artur Eisenbach in Łódź to Yoysef Opatoshu in New York, 20 January 1947, asking for his help in identifying certain documents found in the Oyneg Shabes Archive. It is believed that the material

ARTICLE: Holocaust: Art and the Holocaust

impressed Hans Biebow, Commandant of the Łódź ghetto, who arranged for him to paint official portraits of SS officers serving in the ghetto. the visual record of the Kovno ghetto into the secret archive known as Slobodka Ghetto 1942

ARTICLE: Theater: Yiddish Theater

In the Łódź ghetto, under the dictatorial rule of Khayim , eds., Teatr żydowski w Polsce (Łódź, Pol., 1998); Małgorzata Leyko, ed., Łódzkie sceny żydowskie (Łódź, Pol., 2000); Itsik Manger, Jonas


Simkhe-Bunem Shayevitsh’s “Lekh-lekho,” written in the Łódź ghetto in 1942, likewise extolled the ideal of martyrdom, while in the Vilna ghetto, alongside his poems that called for armed resistance,

ARTICLE: Economic Life

Some of the Jewish leadership—particularly in the Łódź ghetto-believed that by supplying the Germans with Jewish labor Though the Łódź ghetto survived longer than most, this policy ultimately proved


5 percent of the working force in the Łódź ghetto. In the long-term ghettos established by the Nazis in Poland and Lithuania (Warsaw, Łódź, and Vilna), families were able to remain intact until their

ARTICLE: Music: An Overview

Gila Flam, Singing for Survival: Songs of the Lodz Ghetto, 1940–1945 (Urbana, 1992); Sholom Kalib, The Musical Tradition of the Eastern European Synagogue (Syracuse, 2002); James Loeffler, “A Social

ARTICLE: Ulinover, Miryem

resurfaced after the Holocaust when her role in the Łódź ghetto became known. 18 August 1944, during the liquidation of the Łódź ghetto, Miryem Ulinover was deported to Auschwitz and murdered

ARTICLE: Holocaust: Holocaust Diaries

Beyond the challenge of procuring paper and writing instruments, which led one Łódź ghetto diarist whose identity is unknown to write in the margins of a book, the most literal difficulty that

ARTICLE: Trębacz, Maurycy

Trębacz died of hunger and exhaustion on 29 January 1941 in the Łódź ghetto. In 1909, Trębacz moved his family to Łódź, where until 1939 he directed a painting school in his own studio. There he

ARTICLE: Rudnicki, Adolf

devoted to Khayim Rumkowski, leader of the Łódź ghetto, the second to the Warsaw ghetto uprising. Beata’s Fiancé; 1961), Kupiec łódzki (Merchant of Łódź; 1963), Złote okna (Golden Windows; 1963),


In December 1942, about 250 Jews were murdered and the rest deported to the Łódź ghetto. In 1941, a ghetto was created in Kalisz, and it existed until July 1942. It contained approximately 400

ARTICLE: Songs and Songwriters

to write songs in the Łódź ghetto that became famous there and and Sambatyon in Warsaw, Ararat in Łódź (and later in Warsaw), and the puppet theater Khad-gadye in Łódź, but there were also similar

515 results for lodz ghetto
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