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Participants in a hiking trip to Hala Gąsienicowa in the Tatra Mountains, organized by the Kultur-lige, a cultural organization in Warsaw, 1930.


youth group Bene Akiva (maintained by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee), doing Israeli dancing in the foothills of the Tatra Mountains, Brusno, Czechoslovakia (now in Slovakia), 1946.


Czech Republic and Slovakia, ca. 2000.

ARTICLE: Nomberg, Hersh Dovid

and 1910 he published widely, including the novellas Di kursistke (a term denoting a female university student), Dos shpil in libe (The Play at Love), and Tsvishn berg (In the Mountains)

ARTICLE: Moldova

The Romanian name for the historic region between the Carpathian Mountains and the Dniester ”River, also known by its Russian name, Moldavia. The principality was divided along the Prut River in 1812

ARTICLE: Horovits, Ber

only son of a Jewish family from the rural village of Majdan, in the Carpathian Mountains of eastern Galicia. , issued in Vienna, was Fun mayn heym in di berg (From my Home in the Mountains; 1919)


Town in northern Romania in the county of Maramureş, on the Someşului Plain at the southwestern foot of the Gutîi Mountains and on the Seinel River, 48 km northwest of Baia Mare. The first documented


Town in the extreme north of Romania, at the foot of Rodna Mountains and on the Vişeu River (157 km east of Baia Mare). The first documentary reference to Borşa (Hun., Borsa) dates to 1365, but a


The Jewish population of Braşov increased with waves of immigration from the region south of the Carpathian Mountains in 1821 and in 1828–1829, when Walachia was devastated by war and epidemics. In


The presence of Jews in Biała was documented in 1697, when a robber from the nearby mountains confessed that about three years earlier he had sold stolen goods to a Jewish broker in Biała. A

ARTICLE: Olbracht, Ivan

Hory a staletí (Mountains and Centuries; 1935) mixed political ethnography with attacks on the Czechoslovak government for its colonialist policies in Podkarpatská Rus. Finally, in 1937, Olbracht

ARTICLE: Piatra Neamţ

City in the Moldavian region of Romania, at the foot of ”the Carpathian Mountains and on the banks of the Bistrița River. Jewish settlement in Piatra Neamț dates back as far as the eighteenth century

ARTICLE: Baia Mare

Town in northwestern Romania, on the Săsar River at the foot of the Gutâi Mountains. Baia Mare, a mining town, was known in German as Frauenbach and Neustadt, in Latin as Rivulus Dominarum, and in

ARTICLE: Târgu Neamţ

Town in the Moldavian region of Romania, at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. Jewish settlement in Târgu Neamț (also Tîrgu Neamț) dates from the second half of ”the seventeenth century: Jews were

ARTICLE: Shternberg, Yankev

in profil: Lid un grotesk (Town in Profile: Poem and Grotesque; 1935), Lid un balade oyf di karpatn (Poem and Ballad on the Carpathian Mountains; 1968), both illustrated by the artist Artur Kolnik

ARTICLE: Celan, Paul

In 1960, Celan wrote one of his few prose pieces, Gespräch im Gebirg (Conversation in the Mountains), which he claimed was prompted by a missed encounter with another Jew, Theodor Adorno. Upon being

ARTICLE: Barash, Asher

later recorded his impressions of this period in “Masa‘ be-harim” (Journey to the Mountains; 1927), Pirke Rodorfer (The Rodorfer Episodes; 1928), and Temunot mi-bet mivshal ha-shekhar (Pictures from

ARTICLE: Population and Migration: Population and Migration before World War I

Meanwhile, Jewish communities lived in the mountains of Dagestan, the Taman Peninsula (mainly Tamatarkha), or obliterated the Jewish populations in the mountains of Dagestan and Alania and in the

ARTICLE: Revisionist Zionists

, Polish authorities during the spring of 1939 set up a secret military camp in the Carpathian Mountains, providing military training for 25 Etsel commanders who had traveled from Palestine

ARTICLE: Sighet Marmaţiei

Surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains, it was located in a region least affected by modernization in the kingdom. In all of Hungary, the cultural and economic profile of the Jews of Máramaros county

44 results for mountains
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