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ARTICLE: Theater: Hungarian Theater

The novels Istenkeresők a Kárpátok alatt (Godseekers under the Carpathian Mountains; 1935) by Dezső Schön and Hanele (1980) by György Láng (1908–1976), set in Subcarpathian Hasidic communities, are

ARTICLE: Grinberg, Uri Tsevi

pessimistic presupposition which made a certain optimism possible: “Beyond despair there is no more despair in the world, / And all the downward slopes in the mountains are also the upward ascents.”

ARTICLE: Manger, Itsik

its heyday in America; by adopting the Hasidic heartland at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains as the wellspring of Yiddish poetry and the turn-of-the century Galician shtetl as Paradise Lost;

ARTICLE: Moldavia

In the territory of Moldavia between the Prut River and the Carpathian Mountains, 11 such towns were established between 1780 and 1820; 11 more between 1820 and 1831; and 44 between 1831 and 1859. (

ARTICLE: Walachia

Region of Romania, between the southern Carpathian Mountains and the Danube River. Walachia (Rom., Valahia, or Vlahia; known also as Țara Românească [Romanian Land]) is made up of two provinces:

ARTICLE: Leaseholding

These regions, which stretched from northern Podlasie to the Carpathian Mountains, formed a leaseholders’ belt in which hundreds of Jews leased individual villages belonging to small landowners and

ARTICLE: Shneour, Zalman

Similarly celebrated was the vast symbolist sequence Be-Harim (In the Mountains; 1908–1913), a philosophical quest poem of a poet wanderer who seeks the meaning of life and art in the Swiss Alps. (

ARTICLE: World War I

extending southward from Łuck through Tarnopol and Buczacz to Czernowitz, advancing to the Carpathian Mountains and driving the Austrians from Bucovina, parts of Volhynia, and much of eastern Galicia

ARTICLE: Poland: Poland before 1795

, “Crown Poland” (Korona) expanded from a nucleus between the Odra (Oder) and Vistula rivers, eventually extending as far as the Baltic, the Dnieper, the Black Sea, and the Carpathian Mountains

ARTICLE: Hungarian Literature

, the saga of Jewish families who in their covered wagons had come across the Carpathian Mountains: Ne félj szolgám Jákob (Fear Not, My Servant Jacob; 1953); Jericho ostroma (The Battle of Jericho

ARTICLE: Hungary: Hungary before 1918

Jewry, the largest on the continent after Warsaw, contrasted sharply with the simple pious existence eked out by Hasidic peasants and lumberjacks in villages nestled among the Carpathian Mountains

ARTICLE: Yiddish Literature: Yiddish Literature after 1800

about Jewish life in Bucovina and the Carpathian Mountains were inspired by Hasidic tales. and novels about Jewish life in the Carpathian Mountains, and died in the Janów concentration camp

ARTICLE: Hillels, Shelomoh

house published his novel Har ha-keramim (Vineyard Mountain), describing the scenery and folklore of Bessarabian , through pioneering efforts, turns a desolate Bessarabian mountain into fertile soil

ARTICLE: Aronsohn, Zalman Yitsḥak

He also related the experiences of new pioneers in Palestine in two dramatic works—Ha-Bayit (The House) and Ha-Har (The Mountain)—both of which were set in recently established Galilean kibbutzim. (

ARTICLE: Stage Design

epics borrowed directly from the scenic traditions of East European folk theater, which used painted backdrops to signify royal chambers, throne rooms, ancient city streets, and mountain redoubts

ARTICLE: Bassevi of Treuenberg, Ya‘akov

These residences had been confiscated from Protestants after the battle of Bílá Hora (White Mountain). As was true of his predecessor Maisel, Bassevi built a synagogue in the area, after buying

ARTICLE: Korn, Rokhl

Raised on a farming estate called Sucha Gora (Dry Mountain) in eastern Galicia, Rokhl Korn was tutored in the classics of Polish literature. Polish was the language of her household, her neighbors,

ARTICLE: Werfel, Franz

genocidal attack on the Armenians during World War I. A small Armenian community took refuge on a mountain by the sea and held out against Turkish besiegers for some six weeks before being rescued by

ARTICLE: Pale of Settlement

Jewish communities in Central Asia (“Bukharan” Jews) and in the Caucasus (the Georgian and “Mountain” Jews) whose areas of tolerated residence were not considered part of the Pale and

ARTICLE: Talk: Blessings, Curses, and Other Expressions

May she swell up like a mountain!) A kholerye zol im khapn! (May the cholera seize him!) A kholerye dir in di beyner, a make dir in boykh, a ruekh in dayn tatns tatn arayn! (A

44 results for mountains
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