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ARTICLE: Economic Life

, with the establishment of the Russian Pale of Settlement from the end of the eighteenth role, while indigenous Jewish banking in the Pale of Settlement was limited to smaller institutions in

ARTICLE: Assimilation

majority of the tsar’s Jews—those in the Pale of Settlement-did not live in the midst of Russians. 1983); Benjamin Nathans, Beyond the Pale: The Jewish Encounter with Late Imperial Russia (Berkeley

ARTICLE: Industry

By 1828, there were 124 textile plants across the Pale of Settlement’s eight regions; 75 were owned by Jews. Only in the Pale of Settlement’s Jewish production plants did Jews make up the majority of


For related discussion, see Pale of Settlement; Belarus; Ukraine; and Union of Soviet Socialist Republics To treat the history of Jewish settlement and cultural and political activity in Russia, this

ARTICLE: Lilienthal, Max

Lilienthal’s mission was to replicate his Riga school throughout the Pale of Settlement, as part of Uvarov’s plan to “enlighten” the Jews of Russia by weaning them away from conventional Talmudic

ARTICLE: Notkin, Nota Khaimovich

civil service, and be allowed to live outside the Pale of Settlement. Despite this prohibition, and the creation of the Pale of Jewish Settlement in 1794, Notkin took up residence in the capital

ARTICLE: Varshavskii, Avram Moiseevich

Because Saint Petersburg was outside the Pale of Settlement, the rights of Jews were limited. After settling there, Varshavskii joined the Jewish community council and was able to lobby government

ARTICLE: Ḥibat Tsiyon

loose-knit movement, it soon spread throughout the Pale of Settlement, Romania, and elsewhere. in their conflicting requirements for agricultural settlements set up in Palestine with the economic

ARTICLE: Trumpeldor, Yosef

as a child into the army of Tsar Nicholas I). Trumpeldor grew up outside the Pale of Settlement, in Rostov-on-Don, and attended dentistry school but soon became active in the nascent Zionist movement

ARTICLE: Crime and Criminals

a ban on the enrollment of Jews in the merchant estate in Russia’s interior provinces, the first of the restrictions that were to create what subsequently became the Jewish Pale of Settlement

ARTICLE: Medal’e, Shemaryahu Yosef Leib Iankelevich

In 1898, he was appointed rabbi of the provincial capital of Tula, outside the Pale of Settlement, and had to learn Russian to communicate with his congregation. He became rabbi of Korelichi (Belarus

ARTICLE: Kipnis, Menakhem

He also performed throughout the Pale of Settlement. As a young man, Kipnis studied at the Warsaw Conservatory of Music and became the first Jewish tenor to join the Warsaw Opera, where he

ARTICLE: Military Service in Russia

their patriotism and eventually to bring them full emancipation, Jewish communal elders throughout the Pale of Settlement had well-grounded doubts about the good will of the Russian authorities

ARTICLE: Maiden of Ludmir

figures, whom S. A. An-Ski identified on his Jewish Ethnographic Expedition into the Pale of Settlement, include the firzogern or zogerke (prayer leader), vaybersher opshprekherke (woman healer or

ARTICLE: Rabinovich, Osip Aronovich

In “Nasledstvennyi podsvechnik,” when two Jewish soldiers—father and son—die in battle, their widows are cruelly given only three days to leave the city of Nikolaev for the Pale of Settlement. (

ARTICLE: Hit’aḥadut

of Tse‘ire Tsiyon emerged, mainly in the Pale of Settlement, shortly after 1900. two groups: labor that does not exploit; pioneer settlement of Palestine; Hebrew culture; working toward a socialist

ARTICLE: Russia: Russian Empire

deemed the areas of the empire in which Jews were permitted to live—the so-called Pale of Settlement-the largest ghetto in the world, and considered all tsarist legislation regarding Jews as

ARTICLE: Dolitzki, Menaḥem Mendel

Dealing with the question of the right of Jews to settle outside the Pale of Settlement (an acute and painful issue in those days), the stories are poignant antigovernment satires, exposing the


in the towns and cities of the former Pale of Settlement they did have some Jewish features. in the towns and even cities of the former Pale, and Yiddish continued to be the main working language

ARTICLE: Ettinger Family

From that point on, Ettinger, who was independently wealthy, rejected several offers of a rabbinic post from the community of Kraków and from communities in the Pale of Settlement. His son Yitsḥak

358 results for pale of settlement
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