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ARTICLE: Brushtein, Aleksandra Iakovlevna

her book served young Soviet Jews as an almost singular source of information about the Pale of Settlement, the numerus clausus, the Passover Seder, and the identity of such people as Alfred Dreyfus

ARTICLE: Shapira Family

I, were they pardoned and permitted to return to the Pale of Settlement. of maskilim, all Hebrew printing presses in the Russian Pale of Settlement were closed down in 1836, except for two that the

ARTICLE: Dubnow, Simon

Simon Dubnow was born in Mstislavl in the Belorussian sector of the Russian Pale of Settlement to a religiously observant family; his father worked in the lumber business, a common Jewish occupation

ARTICLE: Feitelson, Menaḥem Mendel

to other examples of European literature was a consequence of traditional inherited suffering (sevel ha-yerushah) that stunted the growth of great artists in the Jewish Pale of Settlement

ARTICLE: Society for Jewish Folk Music

Yo’el Engel and historian-folklorists Peysekh Marek and Sha’ul Ginsburg promoted the study of Jewish folk music from the Pale of Settlement through fieldwork, public lectures, and publications


a tabloid of 16 pages, with holiday supplements, Der yud reported mostly on the Russian Pale of Settlement, with summaries of world news and reports from Argentina, America, England, and Palestine

ARTICLE: Tallinn

a ukase in 1865 by which several categories of Jews—former soldiers, certified craftsmen, merchants of the first guild, and people with higher education—could reside outside the Pale of Settlement

ARTICLE: Poliakov Family

He was recognized as a leader of the Jewish community in Moscow, and also subsidized vocational schools in the Pale of Settlement. In his hometown of Dubrovna, he built a textile factory to employ

ARTICLE: Birobidzhan

Jews established agricultural colonies throughout the former Pale of Settlement. Crimea, but opposition to the Crimean agricultural settlement plan became so great that in November 1926 the government decided to find a different region for Jewish settlement

ARTICLE: Tsukunft

Its predecessor, Der Kleyner Bund, was a network of youth organizations that spontaneously appeared throughout the Pale of Settlement at the time of the 1905 Revolution. A product of the idealism and

ARTICLE: Folkists

the funds to recruit supporters in the Pale of Settlement, the Folkspartey had ideological significance. and had a more positive attitude toward settlement in Palestine and the Hebrew language

ARTICLE: Natanson, Yosef Sha’ul

Natanson gave major support to the publication of rabbinical literature in Galicia and the Russian Pale of Settlement, writing approbations for hundreds of books. From the 1860s on he helped some of

ARTICLE: Kluger, Shelomoh ben Yehudah

responded to queries from all parts of the Habsburg Empire, Romania, and the Russian Pale of Settlement, becoming the most prominent halakhic authority of Galicia in the first half of the nineteenth

ARTICLE: Orenstein Family

In 1863, he published an annotated edition of his grandfather’s Yeshu‘ot Ya‘akov, and a year later was appointed to serve as rabbi of Brisk (Brześć Litewski; Brest-Litovsk) in the Pale of Settlement


The establishment of the Pale of Settlement, with the inclusion of Kiev province, legalized Jewish of Jews were permitted to settle outside the Pale, as well as in Kiev and other previously

ARTICLE: Transportation

Between 1887 and 1897, the number of Jewish carters in the Pale of Settlement rose from 18,532 to 25,868. as contractors and suppliers, and often hired Jewish workers from the Pale of Settlement

ARTICLE: Bessarabia

the Ukrainian and Belorussian areas of the Pale of Settlement, attracted by more favorable economic prospects May Laws of 1882, which prohibited Jewish settlement in villages, most of the colonies

ARTICLE: Apt Hasidic Dynasty

Heshel’s influence transcended the boundaries of his communities, extending to the southern Pale of Settlement and even outside Russia. For example, he issued a proclamation calling for a public fast

ARTICLE: Khar’kiv

Jewish residence in this city outside the Pale of Settlement, however, remained under strict control throughout the imperial among men) than their coreligionists in the former Pale of Settlement

ARTICLE: Humor: Literary Traditions

Though the historical milieu of Galicia and the Pale of Settlement differed substantially from that of Prussia, the Haskalah operated from similar ideological first principles, employing humor and

358 results for pale of settlement
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