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parodies mocked the lives and customs of Jews living in the Pale of Settlement. London and New York—whose works were directed at Jews of the Pale in hopes of fomenting class-consciousness

ARTICLE: Seminary

Nederlandsch Israëlitisch Seminarium of the Ashkenazim in Amsterdam (1836), it served as a model for seminaries in the Pale of Settlement, the Ravvinskiia Uchilishcha in Vilna and Zhitomir (1847)

ARTICLE: Levinzon, Yitsḥak Ber

areas even in response to appeals from conservative and Hasidic circles all over the Pale of Settlement. 1834 with a request to grant land to Jews who were interested in agricultural settlement

ARTICLE: Society for the Promotion of Culture among the Jews of Russia

An educational and civic association devoted to the acculturation of Jews in the Pale of Settlement, the Society for the Promotion of Culture among the Jews of Russia (known in Russian as Obshchestva


be drawn between the fate of the kahal in the Kingdom of Poland, also known as Congress Poland, and in the lands formally annexed to the Russian Empire, soon to be known as the Pale of Settlement


became extremely important in the Pale of Settlement after the Russian government passed the In 1791, Catherine II established the Pale of Jewish Settlement (formalized in an 1835 decree),


; indeed, Jews who succeeded in doing so gained the right to settle outside the Pale of Settlement. In the Pale where most Jews lived, guilds had little power, and in cities with substantial Jewish

ARTICLE: Art Education

talented young people who had left the Pale of Settlement to obtain artistic training. organized a number of expeditions to the Pale of Settlement, collecting many objects related to Jewish art

ARTICLE: Rostov-on-Don

Don military region, it was detached from the Pale of Settlement and thus was closed to Jewish residence. In 1761, the Rostov fortress and settlement were founded, and the town gained official status

ARTICLE: Shneur Zalman of Liady

communities, which were dispersed mainly in Belorussia but also in other parts of the Pale of Settlement. the advance of the French, Shneur Zalman and his family fled from the Pale of Settlement


as well as restrictions on geographic mobility, prompted many Jewish families to resort to marrying relatives or a close circle of acquaintances, especially in small towns in the Pale of Settlement

ARTICLE: Beilis, Mendel

when the Duma had voted several months earlier (in February 1911) to consider abolishing the Pale of Settlement-and rally the people to the side of the state against the revolutionary movement

ARTICLE: Land of Israel

Jews who came to Israel at the end of the second millennium now live together in the same political unit with the descendants of immigrants from what had been the Pale of Settlement and Galicia

ARTICLE: Rabbinate: The Rabbinate after 1800

In the Russian Pale of Settlement, as well, legal steps were taken to accord the government a dominant rabbi and dayan (rabbinic judge) were immigrants from Galicia or the Pale of Settlement

ARTICLE: Russian Revolutions of 1917

tsarist regime had confined Jews to the Pale of Settlement and had severely restricted their opportunities in When the Provisional Government abolished the Pale de jure, large numbers of Jews made

ARTICLE: Grossman, Vasilii Semenovich

the fanatic Bolshevism of his character Lev Mekler not only to the social conditions of the Pale of Settlement, but also to the fanaticism of Jews who fought the Romans, perished in the Inquisition,


policies and general economic stagnation of much of the Pale of Settlement and Galicia meant that fewer small Jewish traders were Jewish merchants in the small towns of the Pale of Settlement

ARTICLE: Smolenskin, Perets

yeshiva and with the Hasidic court, he spent the next few years wandering in the Pale of Settlement, supporting himself by taking temporary positions, such as assisting a famous cantor and acting as

ARTICLE: Evsektsiia

By 1930 there were 1,100 secular Soviet Yiddish schools, the great majority in the former Pale of Settlement, enrolling 130,000 Jewish children. Many parents opposed these schools, either because

ARTICLE: Haskalah

spread the ideas of Haskalah and its literature in their travels throughout the Pale of Settlement. maskilim who lived and worked in as many as 30 localities throughout the Pale of Settlement

358 results for pale of settlement
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