User Guide


The YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe contains maps of cities and countries as well as maps that show historical movements, language usage, and other information. The Maps gallery can be accessed by clicking on Maps from the main navigation bar at the top of every page.

Locator Maps

Most of the maps in the gallery have locator maps that show you the location of the map on a larger map. Rollover Where is this? for each map to view this locator map.

Map Viewer

To view the maps, you will need to have Adobe Flash installed on your computer. If you do not have it installed (or do not have a recent enough version of it installed), you will be prompted to do so when you attempt to view a map.

When you click on a map, the map will open in a viewer. The controls for the viewer are in the bottom right of the window. Click on them to zoom in and out:

  • (+) zoom in (1 below)
  • (-) zoom out (2 below)

(NOTE: You can also click on the map and use the wheel of your mouse to zoom in and out.)

You can pan around a map by clicking and dragging.


Many maps have color-coded legends at the top left of the map. They explain the meaning of the colored markers and sections of the maps. For longer legends, a scroll bar will appear. To hide the legend and reveal the map beneath it, click the Hide icon. To open it again, click Show.

Maps with Markers

Many maps have markers that give you additional information about locations on the map. When you roll over the colored markers, an information balloon appears. Many of these information balloons contain links to articles and other information in the encyclopedia. Click on the link to navigate to the related article. 

NOTE: On many of the city maps, there are many markers in a small space. To read the locations more easily, zoom into the map so that the markers spread out.