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Other Special Features

There are a number of special features included in this Web site that make it easier to use.

Two sections of the Web site have been specially designed with the needs of educators and researchers in mind.

To access these sections, click the appropriate button on the main navigation bar.

For Educators

This section of the encyclopedia has been specially designed for middle- and high-school teachers.

To access this section, select For Educators from the main navigation bar.

We have designed a set of PowerPoint presentations, lesson plans, classroom activities, and handouts for you to use in class with your students.

For Researchers

This section of the encyclopedia may be especially useful to academics and others who have a special interest in this scholarly field.

To access this section, select For Researchers from the main navigation bar.

We have provided information of special interest to researchers such as the Synoptic Outline of Contents, Archival Resources, and links to the online catalogs at the Center for Jewish History.

We have also included information on how to cite the encyclopedia, as well an extensive list of links to Web sites that might be helpful to your research.

Ordering Images

If you are interested in ordering images that you find in the encyclopedia, click on the link that appears on the main page of the Images, Audio & Video section.

You will be directed to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page of the Help section, where there are instructions for ordering images.


The Explore A Topic section of the site contains interactive slideshows. The viewer controls are:

step back through the slideshow

step forward through the slideshow

click to play and pause