User Guide


There are a number of ways to search the encyclopedia. You can search the entire encyclopedia or specific sections of it. This Web site also allows you to search the archives of our partners at the Center for Jewish History.

Basic Search

To begin searching the encyclopedia, enter a keyword or phrase in the search box. Click Search.


Once you click Search, your results will be displayed. In the example below, the search term was Warsaw. You can see the number of results for Warsaw, displayed 20 per page. The suggested result is shown at the top—in this case, the article about Warsaw. The search term Warsaw is bold in each result to show you where it appears within the result.

Refine this Search

You will also notice that the term Warsaw now appears in the Refine This Search area. To refine your search, select from among the options available:

Search Within

If you would like to narrow your results within the existing search, choose Search Within. (New Search generates a brand-new search.) For example, beginning with the word Warsaw will yield more than 807 results. Choosing Search Within and replacing the word Warsaw with the word factory in the search box will narrow your results to about 45, all related to Warsaw factories.

Search Filters

To search a specific category, uncheck the Search All box and check the categories you would like to explore. You can choose as many as you like. You can also search only for recently added items by checking the Show Only Recently Added box.

Searches within Gallery Pages

In addition to the main search, each gallery page (Maps, Images, Audio & Video, and Documents) has its own search on the right side of the respective page.

Searching Maps

The Maps search looks like this:

Searching Images, Audio & Video

The Images, Audio & Video search looks like this:

You can choose to search on types of images or types of audio, or any combination. You can also choose to show results that are limited to recently added items or articles.

Searching Documents

The Documents search looks like this:

Tips for Better Search Results

Suggested Search Terms

You will notice that as you begin typing in the main search box, a list of suggested terms appears. These terms will give you a sense of the contents of the encyclopedia. They can also help you to spell Yiddish or Hebrew words using the Roman alphabet.

You can choose the suggested term by clicking on it, and then clicking Search.

NOTE: If you cannot find the keyword you are looking for, refer to the Hebrew and Yiddish transliteration tables for assistance.

Use More Keywords

To get the best results, enter specific terms or more than one keyword in the search box. You will find more accurate results for textile factory than you will for factory.

Quotation Marks

Use quotation marks around words or phrases if you want them to appear word for word in your search results. Other Boolean operators, such as and, or, and not, are not recognized by our search engine, so using them will not improve your search results.